Optimum Tourism Trading – Raise The Bar In Business & Recharge Revenue

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About the OTT Programme – A programme of excellence

The OTT programme solution has been designed specifically to help independent tourism businesses (and those businesses who rely in some part on the tourism trade) to sell and market their business to grow revenue. The emphasis is on proactive activity, capitalizing on existing facilities and existing business, improving your offer and maximizing your return on investment (ROI).


What is included?

Content may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Irish Tourism Sector & policy address.
  • Add Value & increase your revenue reach.
  • The online factor & social media power – making them work for your business.
  • Tourism sales activity – identifying what will generate more custom.
  • The Tourism marketing mix. – Choosing the right ways to get you in front of your ideal customers.
  • The changing face of Irish tourism and how to work/role with it effectively.
  • Putting a simple plan together.
  • Packaging the offer proficiently and effectively.
  • The People Piece – Building your business team to be the best that they can be. Assessing customer service and staff requirements.
  • One to one consultancy time with a qualified, accredited and experienced professional.
  • Dedicated time invested working on the business.
  • Optimum Tourism Trading reference files.
  • Bespoke content which is worked on with the client specific to their business and their requirements.


Who is this designed for?

  • The programme is designed for focused and professional businesses who trades in the tourism & hospitality sector or who depends upon tourism traffic for partial or all of their revenue.
  • It is for professional focused owner/managers, sales & marketing executives or managers who are committed to being the best in the business.
  • The programme is of benefit to anyone who wants to build their offer and increase revenue reach.


What are the benefits to businesses

  • Access to a fully qualified industry professional who is recognised as a business All Star.
  • Work with a resource who is experienced in the sector and has a clear understanding of the sector.
  • Develop a simple plan for sustainable progress in your business.
  • Helps you to identify and nurture potential in your business.
  • This programme will help you to pull customers to you rather than push your business at them.
  • Breath some fresh life and energy into your business and evolve with change.
  • Define what activity will help you to get in front of more of your ideal customers again and again.
  • Address customer service in your business and build on this to make the customer experience even better.
  • Bespoke programme with specific content is developed based on the requirements and business aims of each business.



  • Mix of online meetings, face to face consultations over an agreed time frame.



  • Dependent upon the specific goals and requirements from the business/client.
  • Approximate durations from weekly dedicated 3 hours for one month plus.
  • One size does not fit all and for that reason, each programme duration very much depends upon the goals, aims and expectations from each business.


Facilitator Profile

Mags Boland-Murphy, is an experienced tourism & hospitality consultant, national event manager, business sales, marketing & media professional with over 20 years commercial and sector experience supporting her. She is owner and director at Bofin Consultancy & is a recognized reputable business mentor with 5 LEO offices nationwide. Mags is also accredited with the International Authority of Business mentors and has been accredited as an awarded All-Star Business as “Thought Leader in Revenue & Profit Business Strategy”.


Mags works with growing businesses who may be facing operational and strategic challenges, struggling with sales & marketing and panicking about profits – to plan, package and promote their businesses so that they connect with more of their ideal customers and to recharge revenue. She helps them to focus their passion on ventures and opportunities that deliver powerful growth and profoundly profitable businesses.


Mags has acted as course lecturer at HSI College, Limerick, Ireland and has been a guest lecturer at her alma mater, The University of Wales, Cardiff and as guest lecturer to business students in Sweden.


Mags works with clients nationally and internationally. Bofin Consultancy works with Tourism & hospitality, food, construction, professional services, SMEs, start-ups and business support organisations.


Mags is known for saying it straight, she has a no-nonsense approach to business, believes in being proactive, positive and supporting those businesses who are serious about reaching their potential and serious about success.